Skylar Page The Seraphim. Granny.s Satin Gown


Otherworldly masquerade balls, aromas of gingerbread and evergreen boughs, and enchanting music that draws Nate into a fantasy. How did he ever get into this mess? Jenny is questioning him about the woman in his arms, and he doesn't have an answer. Before he can defend himself, Gabe is taking him to heaven to explain it all to Jesus. But Jesus knows everything. What if the Lord won't let him go back to make everything right? What if he is already dead? Since we last visited the Sanctuary of the Seraphim, they have added a new wing, the Suites for the Blind. While giving her first tour, Gail meets the man of her dreams, Doug Woodgate, and no surprise, he's nearly blind. Will that be an issue for them? Can these two nurture a life together in a castle full of angels? Doug finds another book in the private library: The Mystery of the Spirit of the Living One, and it leads him to the discovery of Mithpalel and Obadiah. Jenny and Gail discover their very different paths through the last week in December. Will anyone ever wear Gran's satin gown? Join them at the Sanctuary of the Seraphim to find out.



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