E. T. a. Hoffmann, Alex Ewing The Serapion Brethren, Vol. I (of IV) by E.T A. Hoffman, Fiction, Fantasy


They were in process of deciding to meet regularly to tell one another tales — weird tales, remember this is a book of E.T.A. Hoffmann's work — when Lothair gave them their name. "Let us remember Serapion the Hermit in connection with this. Let each of us try, and examine himself well, as to whether he has really seen what he is going to describe before he sets to work to put it in words. At all events, let each of us strive, very strenuously, to get a clear grasp, in his mind, of the picture he is going to produce, — in every one of its forms, colors, lights and shadows, and then, when he feels himself thoroughly permeated and kindled by it, bring it out into outer life. Thus shall our society be established on solid foundations, and be a source of comfort and gratification to us all. Let Serapion the Hermit be our patron saint: may his seer-gift inspire us. His rule we will follow, as true Serapion Brethren."



author: E. T. a. Hoffmann, Alex Ewing
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