Angel Time: The Songs of the Seraphim


Anne Rice returns to the mesmerising storytelling that has captivated readers for more than three decades in a dark gothic novel of suspense about assassins and angels. At its centre: Toby O’Dare — Lucky the Fox — a contract killer of underground fame. A soulless soul, a dead man walking, he’s fallen far from grace and lives under a series of aliases. Lucky takes his orders from someone he calls «The Right Man», whose name and allegiances he doesn’t know. Into his nightmarish world of lone and lethal missions comes a mysterious stranger, who offers him a chance to save lives, rather than destroy them. Lucky, who grew up in New Orleans, son of an alcoholic mother and a murdered father, long ago dreamt of being a priest, craving rituals, taking refuge in history, books and lute music — but instead came to embody danger and violence — now seizes his chance. He is lifted in (angel) time and carried back through the ages to thirteenth-century Norwich, to a dangerous world where Jews live an uneasy existence; protected by the crown for their function as money-lenders, and unjustly despised by the rest. Against this treacherous setting, where accusations of ritual child murder have been made against innocent Jews, O’Dare begins a journey of salvation that leads him from the medieval villages of England to the cities of London and Paris, as his quest becomes a story of danger and flight, loyalty and betrayal, selflessness and love.



Вес: 540
Тип обложки (Переплет): Суперобложка
Количество страниц: 288
Формат издания: 160×240
Год выпуска: 2009
Автор на обложке: Anne Rice
ISBN: 978-0-701-17814-7
Тип издания: Отдельное издание
Язык издания: Английский
Издательство: Chatto & Windus
Автор: Энн Райс

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